Dixxon Flannel Journeyman FR-Mens

Offering the wearer a degree of protection that the standard workwear does not provide, the Journeyman FR Flannel was designed with the toughest jobs in mind. Composed of 100% cotton and specially treated for flame resistant properties, the Journeyman is built to meet the performance requirements of an ATPV* 11 cal/cm2 minimum arc rating. Finished with extended sleeve plackets and extra body length for ease of tucking in, this flannel is perfect for providing you extra safety and comfort in the most rugged of working conditions.

* An Arc Thermal Protective Value (ATPV) refers to the maximum incident energy (in calories per centimeter squared) that protective equipment can be exposed to and prevent to onset of a second-degree burn. This does not mean the flannel can’t be damaged by fire/thermal exposure, but will offer you extra protection you would not otherwise have.